Easy Vegan Ramen

As someone who is trying to eat more plant based, it has been difficult getting that "umami" or meaty flavour from plant options. This recipe definitely meets those needs! Using dried mushrooms, miso paste and rich plant flavours, you won't miss the meat! The broth is lighter and a cross between a miso and shoyu … Continue reading Easy Vegan Ramen


The EASIEST 3 Ingredient Soy Maple Salmon

When I say it's easy, it's so damn easy. For those of you who are like me that need quick meals ASAP, this will be your go to if you're a salmon lover. It has 3 ingredients in the marinade and works every time. Just need some soy, maple syrup and garlic! I like sticking … Continue reading The EASIEST 3 Ingredient Soy Maple Salmon

Nutrition Finds – Beware of “Nutrition Experts”

This article¬†by Gawker was blasted all over social media yesterday regarding a "nutrition expert" who has been making some not-so-evidence based claims regarding food and nutrition choices. I honestly had never heard of her before (mainly because I usually avoid the fad-nutrition shows/websites/articles since it bugs the heck out of me (*cough* Dr. Oz *cough*). … Continue reading Nutrition Finds – Beware of “Nutrition Experts”