Why is family mealtime such mayhem?

You’re a full-time professional with a toddler and a school-aged child. Your toddler is a picky eater who hates trying new foods while your school-aged child goes through weekly food jags eating only a few foods over and over again. Every week you struggle with food preparation.  It’s tough trying to make meals that fit … Continue reading Why is family mealtime such mayhem?


Dietitian Tweet Up is TODAY!

Got some burning nutrition questions and needing a dietitian to help ya out? Devika from One More Bite and I are tweetin' it up on TODAY from 1-2pm on Twitter @FraserHealth. Use the hashtag #FHnutritiontalk to ask us your nutrition questions to help you "Take the Fight Out of Food!"

Ask a Nutrition Expert, Ask a Dietitian

If you have friends who are Registered Dietitians (or friends of friends as well!), you'll likely be noticing an exciting social media campaign this week: Ask a Nutrition Expert, Ask a Dietitian. Finding nutrition information nowadays can be VERY confusing. There's so many fancy-shmancy buzz words, "super foods," fad diets and celebs promoting crazy supplements. … Continue reading Ask a Nutrition Expert, Ask a Dietitian

Travel Bug

Travelling to MANY places has been our must for the 4 weeks of annual vacation I'm given. I used my last bit of vacation the past couple weeks and headed over for a (very short) trip to Bolivia and Peru. Although we ran into some issues including ++altitude sickness, traveller's diarrhea, facial sun burns, bug bites … Continue reading Travel Bug