Apple Pie Smoothie Bowl (+ Blenderized Tube Feed)

With this week being feeding tube awareness week, I thought I'd share a DELISH meal/dessert idea that is perfect for those who can eat orally AND for those who require meals via their feed tube. It's super easy - just stick all the ingredients into a blender and voila! For those eating orally, I would … Continue reading Apple Pie Smoothie Bowl (+ Blenderized Tube Feed)


Easy Vegan Ramen

As someone who is trying to eat more plant based, it has been difficult getting that "umami" or meaty flavour from plant options. This recipe definitely meets those needs! Using dried mushrooms, miso paste and rich plant flavours, you won't miss the meat! The broth is lighter and a cross between a miso and shoyu … Continue reading Easy Vegan Ramen