Hi, I’m Whitney!

Who am I? I’m a Registered Dietitian, UBC alumni, and Vancouverite trying to discover the world and my new niches of practice. I am currently a Clinical Dietitian in Thoracic/General Surgery and GI disorders on the Surgical Units at Surrey Memorial Hospital. I recently worked at the Heart Function Clinic and General Practitioner Clinics in Abbotsford as part of the “Dietitians in GP Clinic” pilot project. I also have experience in other areas of practice including General Medicine, Oncology, Residential Care, Pediatrics and with itty bitty humans at the Neonatal ICU. I love collaborating with clients/patients of all personalities/concerns and being challenged with unique medical conditions and nutrition questions.


(Oh hey, that’s me!)

Why the change from acute care to private practice? Although I love the team in acute care and working so closely with my patients, I also felt like I was losing touch with food. I became focused in my nutrition support bubble working with tube feeds and IV nutrition that I started to forget about why I became a dietitian – to get people to have a healthy and positive relationship with food. So, I decided to try a new area of practice working in the community (including various Family Physician clinics) and realized that I started to love my job even more!


(Doesn’t that look nomalicious?!)

What gets my juices flowing? Being in the kitchen coming up with delicious (and nutritious) new recipes and messing around with my camera to take foodie photos.  I tend to spend my vacations abroad, learning about all the delicious cultures that exist outside of my North American surroundings.. and posting too many travel photos on my blog! I am now also taking clients within my independent private practice after discovering my new love for providing nutrition education and support for patients and clients in the community. Prevention of diseases/conditions is as important as treating them and going back to real food is always important for dietitians working in all areas of practice!

Got a question or want to book a 1:1 appointment with me? Please check out my “Work With Me” page for more information or directly contact me here.

Want to learn more about me? There’s even more on Linkedin!


2 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Whitney!

  1. Hi Whitney! I came across you whilst researching the UBC Dietetics program. I am thinking about applying to start university to become a dietician but I’ve read some comments from people who have said the dietetics programs are extremely competative and that once graduated, job opportunities are very rare as there is really only casual work and you end up making less than minimum wage! Of course this is making me second guess my decision to peruse this career. As someone who did the program would you say you were just lucky to be successful or are the prospects better than I have read?

    Also how do you find working as a dietician in a clinical setting? Do you have to work ridiculous hours and is the environment stressful? I read that the professional is not respected at all in the hospitals and you get a lot of grief from coworkers plus a lot of bitching due to it being predominantly female!! I have also read that the job itself gets very repetitive and can “rip your passion for food and nutrition from you”. There were so many people who agreed on this it’s really made me worry!!

    I’m so scared to spend years and thousands of dollars only to be unemployed and disappointed!! So I would be hugely appreciative to actually speak to someone who completed the program!!

    Thanks so much for any info you can give me 🙂


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