Goodbyes and hellos!

It seems like a reoccurring theme that time is passing by too quickly and I'm not making time to enjoy the moments. I'm forcing myself to relax a bit with an upcoming vacation but here's some things I've been busy with the past couple months! Nutrition Month 2017! March is the month where dietitians nerd … Continue reading Goodbyes and hellos!


Sweet and Salty Nut Chocolate Cups (Vegan+GF)

Food allergies, intolerances and dietary restrictions are a common occurrence nowadays so trying to find recipes that meet everyone's needs is HARD! I know what you're thinking - this crazy dietitian thinks I'll be convinced that this vegan AND gluten free dessert it going to be tasty? Well, think again! I'm a fan of baking … Continue reading Sweet and Salty Nut Chocolate Cups (Vegan+GF)