Ask a Nutrition Expert, Ask a Dietitian

If you have friends who are Registered Dietitians (or friends of friends as well!), you'll likely be noticing an exciting social media campaign this week: Ask a Nutrition Expert, Ask a Dietitian. Finding nutrition information nowadays can be VERY confusing. There's so many fancy-shmancy buzz words, "super foods," fad diets and celebs promoting crazy supplements. … Continue reading Ask a Nutrition Expert, Ask a Dietitian


5 Ingredient Rustic Pizza Dough

With the past few weeks being extremely stressful in the midst of school application deadlines, commuting to Abbotsford for full time work, starting a new private practice on the side plus the usual daily to-do's of being an adult, I'm relying on my baking stress relief muse to get me through the week. For some … Continue reading 5 Ingredient Rustic Pizza Dough