It’s the end of Malnutrition Week..

..but it's never too late to advocate for your patient's nutrition care! Check out my full article (written alongside my fellow Fraser Health colleague) to learn even more about malnutrition in hospitals!


Malnutrition Week: September 26-30th

Are you a health care professional working in the clinical setting? Well, the dietitians in your facility will be nerding out this week since it's Malnutrition Week! What is malnutrition? In the clinical setting, malnutrition is the inadequate intake of energy, protein and micronutrients. Many of the causes of hospital malnutrition are small that we, … Continue reading Malnutrition Week: September 26-30th

Eat Well, Play Well – Dietitians of Canada

Are you a parent who's suffering the back to school funk and stuck on what how to manage the food part of the week? Check out Dietitians of Canada's article!¬†Some fun tips include: Getting the kiddos involved with meal prep. It not only adds extra help in the kitchen (depending on the age of course) … Continue reading Eat Well, Play Well – Dietitians of Canada