Mustard Maple BBQ Salmon

Here in Vancouver, we're SPOILED with fresh seafood, fruits, veggies and just all around nomalicious food! Our local Fresh Street Market had a hard-to-resist Salmon Festival where they sold amazingly fresh and good quality sockeye salmon at a very affordable price this past weekend! I walked away with a few large fillets (my mum was … Continue reading Mustard Maple BBQ Salmon


Work hard, play hard

The past month or so has flown by and been really busy (more related to personal rather than professional reasons). It's also been a HUGE learning curve of a past bit of time since I've been training in other areas of dietetic practice to broaden my scope and understanding of clinical nutrition and what other … Continue reading Work hard, play hard

Nutrition Across the Lifespans: Women’s Edition!

As many of you nutrition nerds have heard, the¬†The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada released this detailed article¬†very recently on the Canadian consensus regarding female nutrition from adolescents and beyond. It's a prettyyyyy long document but has TONS of important information for us ladies on the noms we should be focusing on specific … Continue reading Nutrition Across the Lifespans: Women’s Edition!