Mustard Maple BBQ Salmon

Here in Vancouver, we're SPOILED with fresh seafood, fruits, veggies and just all around nomalicious food! Our local Fresh Street Market had a hard-to-resist Salmon Festival where they sold amazingly fresh and good quality sockeye salmon at a very affordable price this past weekend! I walked away with a few large fillets (my mum was … Continue reading Mustard Maple BBQ Salmon


Nutrition Across the Lifespans: Women’s Edition!

As many of you nutrition nerds have heard, the¬†The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada released this detailed article¬†very recently on the Canadian consensus regarding female nutrition from adolescents and beyond. It's a prettyyyyy long document but has TONS of important information for us ladies on the noms we should be focusing on specific … Continue reading Nutrition Across the Lifespans: Women’s Edition!