Easy 20 Minute Chili

I was challenged by the Fraser Health Communications team to provide the following: Share your favourite healthy dinner recipe. It has to be ready in 20 minutes or less, easy to make on a budget, simple for non-cooks and kid-friendly: Go! (No cheating with easy prep salads, there has to be some “cooking” involved!) The FIRST … Continue reading Easy 20 Minute Chili


Nutrition Month – Make It Stick!

Can you believe it's already the end of March? That also means it's the FINAL week of Nutrition Month! This week's theme is making it stick, where you can bring together all you've learned to make the small changes this month turn into long term life style habits while overcoming those barriers that may prevent these … Continue reading Nutrition Month – Make It Stick!

Nutrition Month – Try Something New!

Happy week FOUR of Nutrition Month (and happy first couple days of spring!) This week's theme is trying something new, where eating healthy doesn't have to taste bland and.. well.. healthy. The goal this week is to try new flavours, foods and meals and really boosting the nomaliciousness of your dishes. Here's some tips from … Continue reading Nutrition Month – Try Something New!

Nutrition Month – Prioritize Portion Size!

Today kicks off week THREE of Nutrition Month! This week's theme is prioritizing portion sizes to make individuals aware of selecting realistic portion sizes during their 100 Meal Journey. How much you eat can be just as important as what you eat. Eating portions that are too big can lead to overeating and weight gain. Here's a few … Continue reading Nutrition Month – Prioritize Portion Size!

Nutrition Month – My 100 Meal Pledge!

This week is the start Week Two for Nutrition Month focussing on making food decisions that support individuals’ goals. For those of you following me on Instagram or Twitter, you probably found out yesterday that my 100 Meal Journey pledge is to eat 1 additional serving size of vegetables each day by packing it as one … Continue reading Nutrition Month – My 100 Meal Pledge!