Cram Sesh

T-18 days until exam time! I was a bit over ambitious a few months ago and decided to study for/write the The National Board of Nutrition Support Certification exam this year. My past few months have been everything nutrition and it's now starting to drive me mad - I cannot WAIT for it to be … Continue reading Cram Sesh


Nutrition Finds – Back to School Lunches

Are you a mama or papa bear looking for some tips to make your kiddos lunches a little less boring? Check out this article including Kate Comeau (RD) and her tricks to make lunches more exciting! Let little ones have a say in what they're taking for lunch, do a bit of planning ahead to … Continue reading Nutrition Finds – Back to School Lunches

Nom of the Month – Saag Paneer

I'm back! The past month has a been a bit nutty with moving, some unforeseen family related stuff and juggling studying. In any case, I've been having t incorporate cooking into my day-to-day routine (I was spoiled for 24 years living with my amazing cook of a mum!) My guy buys spinach every week since … Continue reading Nom of the Month – Saag Paneer