Nutrition Finds – the Paleo Diet

As a dietitian, it's SO hard knowing allll the different types of diets out there, what they entail, and how beneficial they are to a client/patients lifestyle - are all those "diets" worth the dietary restrictions and stress they can put onto individuals? One of these trends includes the Paleo diet, where followers attempt to … Continue reading Nutrition Finds – the Paleo Diet


Nom of the Month – Scrumptious Carrot Cupcakes

My guy and I don't do much (if anything) on Valentine's Day - we're more into the "making the most out of time together" throughout the year. The one tradition I have made the past 3 years (including this year) is baking something he loves. Last year, it was a play on these delicious cookies. … Continue reading Nom of the Month – Scrumptious Carrot Cupcakes

The Start of Something New

2015 is already becoming the year where I try new things, go for cool adventures and take some fun, challenging risks. Last month, I accomplished some random firsts: trying out yoga - what a disgrace of a Vancouverite for attempt yoga for the FIRST time at the age of 24, shooting at a gun range, commuting … Continue reading The Start of Something New