Protein-Packed Tofu Sofrita

Feeling stumped on a plant based protein source, something to have alongside a Buddha bowl or on top of a salad? This recipe has got yo back. I've been trying to make more plant based food choices and tofu has definitely been one of the go-to's since it has a "meaty" texture while being nice … Continue reading Protein-Packed Tofu Sofrita


On to a new adventure!

After more than 3 years on a surgical unit and almost 4 years working in the hospital, it's time to spice up my professional career and try something new! Although I'll still be a casual clinical dietitian in a hospital/for a health authority, my new full time role will be as an in-store dietitian with … Continue reading On to a new adventure!

Hearty Chicken Soup (Instant Pot)

Anyone else feeling the winter chill and wanting to cuddle under the covers all day? I definitely am! Warm meals that are cozy and keep you toasty are our go-to's since we've been back from our Spain and Morocco trip. With Christmas only 6 days away, we're also opting for quick recipes that are tasty … Continue reading Hearty Chicken Soup (Instant Pot)

7 Ingredient Garlicy Rosemary Purple Yam Soup (V+GF)

Anyone else seen these in your supermarket but didn't know what it was? It's purple yam (also known to some as ube!) Not only is it very Instagram worthy but it's super yummy! It has a similar taste to yams but tougher texture. That being said, it's perfect taste and texture combo makes it a … Continue reading 7 Ingredient Garlicy Rosemary Purple Yam Soup (V+GF)